Fundraising Initiatives

Fundraising Initiatives

The Buy a Brick Campaign is a fundraising initiative aimed at raising money to go towards the build and maintainance of the new clubhouse and changing room facility.

Horncastle Town Football Club is an established club and currently offers competitive football to eight youth and two senior sides, with that to increase next year. The club had outgrown its old clubhouse and is now in the process of having a brand new facility built which will become the home of all it's club members and guests for many years in the future.

Brick Details

Commercial Advertising Brick Slip - 215 x 140 x 15mm
£100 secures you a personal advertising brick slip on our sponsors wall within the club house. The slip will show your support for the club and players by being a constant fixture within the new club house.

Supporters Brick Slip - 215 x 65 x 15mm
£40 secures you a personalised brick slip on our supporters wall within the club house. The brick will be engraved with the name and message of your choice and create your own dedication to HTFC. Your slip will remain a permanent fixture of the club, cementing your commitment to HTFC.

Simply complete the order form and payment details and return it with a cheque addressed to 'HTFC Buy a Brick Campaign.'

Return to Sean Baxter, 10 Carlisle Gardens, Horncastle, LN95LP.

If you have any queries about the brick slips or the campaign please email or call Sean Baxter on 07584411903.

You can download the order form from the attached link below, however if you would like a glossy version of our leaflet then please feel free to contact us with your home address or your companies address via the contact form on our website and we will get one to you as soon as possible.

We would like to urge anyone who intends on buying a brick to return their order forms before the 30th June as the club's order for the 1st batch of bricks will be placed soon after that date.

Don't worry, however, if you miss that date as there will still be an opportunity for you purchase a brick to go on a wall in our new facility.

*Supporters and commercial sponsors can be guaranteed that the funds from every single brick slip will go directly into the club and support the building and maintenance of the new club house.


Buy a Brick Campaign - Order Form